This section covers Motherwell related designs, of which there were many before the days of Daft Laddie but for now I will concentrate on the branded products. This wasn’t planned, it just sort of evolved as obviously with my background Motherwell fans make up the majority of customers, so it followed that I would cater for them on occasion as well as aiming to please a wider audience with other designs.

The No Barrier To Style design muddied the waters in terms of categorising, for me it was firstly a Terrace Culture design but it is obviously a big winner for Motherwell fans. For now though we’ll leave that in the Culture category with an honourable mention here and concentrate on the obvious.

No Barrier to Style

Subby – This one comes from the box design of Subbuteo teams as you can see here, the figure in the centre of the box has been replicated and features an early 1970s Motherwell kit, a la Joe Wark. Credit to Zander Tollan for that artwork.



Turnstiles – I produced this using DTG printing due to the number of colours required, the old classic entrance to the terracing makes for an iconic image.

McB – This idea was taking shape when I received devastating news that my old pal Paul McBurnie had passed away. We went way back, going to gigs as well as football trips. He was well known in the mod & scooter scene as well so that accelerated the idea behind this design. We shared an interest in mod/ska culture and football so the original plan to perhaps use Mod Culture Ball as a title were decided on and the initials MCB changed to McB to honour his name. Badges were also produced to accompany this design and a donation sent to the diabetes charity JDRF in Pauls memory. Later my mate Zico took a photo wearing the T-shirt in London and challenged others to send pics in with their far travelled McB shirt. Folk sent pics in from USA, & America as well as closer to home.


Keeping On – The well known Northern Soul fist design has always been lurking in the background as a potential choice for a Daft Laddie rework. Willie Kay came up trumps with this take on it as he always does with his design work.

Keeping on